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Detailing and Valeting in Bridgnorth

Covering Bridgnorth and the surrounding areas

Our Signature Touchless Safe Wash System

At Elite Vehicle Valets every service we offer includes our exclusive touchless safe wash system, harnessing the cutting-edge 'snow foam' technology.


This process effectively eliminates dust, dirt, and contaminants from your vehicle, setting the stage for a meticulous hand wash. Not only does it ensure a pristine result, but it also minimises the risk of scratches associated with outdated traditional bucket methods.


Your vehicle deserves the best in care and protection, and we deliver precisely that.

Red Bentley with snow foam

Platinum Valet

Elevating Detailing Excellence

The Platinum Valet is our expertly crafted, specialised detailing service, designed with a laser focus on enhancing  the appearance of your vehicle.


Our dedicated team excels in paint correction, swirl removal, clay barring, and top-tier paint protection. In addition, we offer the option of applying cutting-edge ceramic coatings for the ultimate in vehicle preservation and brilliance.


Experience the pinnacle of automotive detailing with the Platinum Valet. Your car's shine and protection have never been in better hands.

Price on application.

Gold Valet

Affordable Luxury, Exceptional Service

The Gold Valet offers a premium level of vehicle care, ensuring that your car receives the ultimate treatment it deserves. Our meticulous touchless safe wash snow foam system kicks off the service, guaranteeing a thorough and safe cleaning process.


We take vehicle maintenance to the next level with a comprehensive exterior treatment, meticulously decontaminating all exterior car parts. Inside, our skilled team pays attention to every detail, cleaning and treating interior door panels, removing most seat and carpet upholstery stains, and pampering leather seats. We even extend our care to the engine bay, cleaning and treating it with precision.

- From £95

Rolls Royce covered in snow foam

Maintenance Valet

Consistent Care, Time After Time

The Maintenance Valet spans the entire vehicle, from the exterior components like paintwork, glass, plastics, and wheels to the interior upholstery, carpets, trims and windows. We pay keen attention to frequently neglected areas, including door edges and the boot lid, leaving no detail unattended.


A detailed decontamination process rids your vehicle of any exterior road tar, resulting in an immaculate finish. Inside, we conduct a comprehensive cleaning of your dashboard, controls, carpets, and floor mats, enhancing them with a top-grade conditioner.


The interior of your vehicle is then deodorised for a fresh, clean atmosphere. To cap it off, we apply a protective exterior spray coating, bolstering the defence of your body work.

-From £65

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