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 Elite Mobile Vehicle Valeting in Bridgnorth

Covering Bridgnorth and the surrounding areas


About Us

Founded in the year 2018, at Elite Mobile Vehicle Valeting we take pride in what we do. Our goal is to leave you delighted  with what our valeting services are capable of.


We are reliable, professional and our attention to details is absolute. 

We offer:

  • Fully self-sufficient van with pure water and power.

  • We use Auto Glym and Autosmart products from local distributors and are trained by Autosmart on procedures and usage of their products.


We offer an array of valeting solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Platinum Valet

Elevating Elegance, One Valet at a Time.

The Platinum Valet is a specialist detailed valet focusing on:

  • Paint correction

  • Swirl removal 

  • Clay barring

  • Paint protection

  • Ceramic coatings are also available.

Gold Valet

Affordable Luxury, Exceptional Service.

The Gold Valet Includes:

  • Snow foam wash

  • Decontamination 

  • Interior door panels cleaned

  • Stain removal

  • Leather seats cleaned

  • External plastics treated

  • Engine bay cleaned

Maintenance Valet

Consistent Care, Time After Time.

The Maintenance Valet includes:

  • Snow Foam

  • Exterior treatment

  • Detailing

  • Decontamination

  • Interior care

  • Deodorisation

  • Protective coating

Our Customer Review

White range rover


5 Stars

This was my first visit from Steve, Simply outstanding and friendly service, immaculate car treatment from start to finish by explaining all.....Definitely recommend Steve 100% and somebody that I can trust to do an outstanding service....thanks so much Steve so pleased with finish!

Darren E

Black Porsche
5 Stars

Our Customer Reviews

Steve clearly loves his job.
His knowledge of the correct products to use is clearly born out by the end result.
My 20 year old Range Rover is now turning heads next to the new ones!
Steve is polite, prompt and fair with the bill.
I recommend the full valet and then maintenance visits every 6 to 8 weeks.
Thank you!

Tim R

Rolls Royce covered in snow foam
5 Stars


We were let down at the last minute this morning by the chap we had booked a week ago. I found the number for Elite Mobile Valeting and he came to our rescue. Not only did he work in the rain, he did a superb job on our Mitsubishi ASX. It is gleaming inside and out. Our neighbours noticed how good he is and are now going to use him too! Absolutely brilliant job.

Michael S

Image (2).jpeg


Spotless water, purified to remove contaminants and minerals, is a vital resource in applications where cleanliness is essential. It is particularly valuable in car detailing for its ability to leave a streak-free and spotless finish, enhancing the overall appearance of vehicles.

Other benefits include:

  • Prevention of Water Spots: Regular tap water may contain minerals like calcium and magnesium that can lead to water spots on your paint work. Spotless water eliminates this issue, as it lacks these minerals, preventing unsightly water spots.

  • Preserves Car Paint: Using spotless water reduces the risk of scratching or damaging car paint because it lacks contaminants and abrasive particles that can be present in untreated water.

  • Enhances Shine: With spotless water, you can achieve a higher level of shine and gloss on your car's surface. The absence of impurities ensures that the finish remains clean and reflective.

Image-2 (1).jpeg

Contact Us For Valets Today

Phone: 07531 414789


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